Patio & Garden Makeover, Gayton

The clients brief was to create a focal point within the new patio adding structure and visual interest. We came up with the idea of a circular seating area within the patio with a timber radial pergola over. The client was over the moon with the finished result. Here is her testimonial; 'Mike came up with a brilliant design; something we never could have imagined, and it's recently just been completed. It's fantastic!
What we still can't get over is what we thought might make the garden appear smaller has actually made it look much bigger. All thanks to Mike's professional abilities.It has been a pleasure to work with him and we can't shout loudly enough how personable, professional,reasonable and able he is.
Please use his services. You won't regret it
Look at the before and after photos in the gallery below to see how this garden has been transformed!