Creating a Journey, Upton

The client was finding it increasingly difficult to keep on top of the maintenance in this large garden and so we were engaged to come up with a simple no frills design that would also minimise planting. Part of the works included ripping up the old clay brick path and constructing 2 new sandstone paths either side of the garden that would both lead to a small patio area. The clay bricks from the old path were re-used to edge the new sandstone paths and patio. The paths weave in and out between the garden borders creating a journey towards the patio. Granulated slate and bark mulch was used as a top dressing in the new garden beds and large areas of the lawn have been re-turfed. Planting included a lavender border and shade loving ferns and Elephants ear. Look at the before and after photos in the gallery below to see how this garden has been transformed!