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Why Should I Get My Garden Designed?

Clearly when you decide to invest in your garden, you will want to be sure that your money is well spent. Whether your budget is 4 figures or 6 figures, you don’t want to be throwing good money after bad, which is why it is worth devoting a small percentage of the overall project cost to professional garden design. Some Landscapers will try and sway you with 'free designs' however these will often be crude hand sketches with no scale or consideration of space, bespoke detailing or planting. They will often hide the cost of the design into the build and so this will not be a 'free' service as they claim. One of the main advantages of having a professional design done is that accurate measurements and areas can be taken off the plan to obtain realistic and competitive quotes to build it, ensuring you get the best value for your money.

The Design Process

1. Sketch Design - Our Garden Design Service starts with a free no obligation site visit where we will meet with you to discuss your aspirations for the space and get an idea of budget. Once you engage us to design your garden we will undertake a detailed survey and produce a couple of Sketch Options for you to consider.

2. Concept Design - Once you have decided on a preferred option, we will then proceed with a detailed Colour Concept and Planting Plan.

3. Detail Construction Drawings (Optional) - Some gardens might include bespoke features that are unique and may require further detailing. We can further develop the Concept into a set of detailed Construction Plans for you to complete the work yourselves or to obtain competitive quotes from different landscaping company's. We find this popular with our clients wishing to complete their project over a period of time as and when finances allow. With this service you will be supplied detailed specification drawings of your garden including Planting Plans, Dimensions & Setout Plans, Materials & Finishes Plans and Construction Details. Have a look at our Landscape Design page for examples of our Garden Design plans. 


With our design and build package our team of landscapers will construct your garden following our drawings to every detail. Our Landscape Architect will make regular visits on site to ensure quality control.

To view examples of our built work click HERE.

Commercial & Public Design

Landscape architects are involved in transforming run down environments as well as enhancing, improving and conserving our natural and built environment, creating inspiring places to live, work and relax. We are keen to hear from Architects, Developers and Government Agencies who are seeking a professional Landscape Architecture service.

"Great professional interaction- worked within our budget and helped to manage and prioritise our expectations"

Paul & Lisa Ashcroft, Oulton